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A possible introduction or: what the *** is a Blechturm …?

Blechturm goes Viral

Blechturm Sounddesign- und Produktion für preisgekrönte Web-Kampangne

Der Blechturm produziert den Ton für den mehrfach preisgekrönten launch der screenagers® Website





Der Doppelgaenger

Blechturm Sounddesign for the movie short Der Doppelgänger

Der Doppelgänger, a movie short by Stephanie Winter and Moshel-Productions, is about the journey of a man into his inner self...






Blechturm sounddesign for the mobile.future talk 2008

The mobilkom austira award 08 stands for sociopolitical engagement and for the promotion of freedom and democracy. Blechturm created the soundlogo of the award.



Morawa Podcast

Blechturm produces the Morawa-podcast

Blechturm presents monthly the best and interesting new books for Morawa


mobile future talk 2008



GOTV Em Spot 2008

Blechturm composed the Gotv EM-Spot 2008

Blechturm composed the GOTV-EM Spot 2008. Heavy Rotation for the Blechturm-soundlogo.





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